Welcome to the Bank of Osmio, your community bank.

We offer friendly service, competitive rates on deposits, a complete range of mortgage and home equity products - everything you would expect from a much larger bank, provided by people you know in the community you love.

Introducing RealPrivacy™

Now, Bank of Osmio can provide you, our valued customer, with a means to put all of your personal information under your complete control. Hackers and marketers can no longer help themselves to information about your identity, your friendships, your hobbies and preferences, even your health information!

We protect your privacy - always and all ways.

Whether it's one of our employees or one of our customers, anyone who touches our online resources must prove his or her identity with a digital identity certificate, issued by means of proper enrollment procedures.

Business News

Bank of Osmio to offer RealPrivacy™

Octember 32, 3013 The Bank of Osmio and AuthentiBank, Inc. today announced a partnership that will provide reliable privacy and security to customer information both in the bank's systems and in the customer's computers, tablets and phones.

Bank of Osmio adopts certificate-based key management system

From bank president to teller to customer, anyone using the online resources of the Bank of Osmio will be enrolled in a system of digital identity certificates. Declaring that usernames and passwords just aren't good enough for BoO, security vice president Brenda Flenoy announced...

Bank of America earnings impacted by massive loss of customers

Bank of America, whose marketing methods rely heavily on data mining on its big-data customer information databases, announced another quarter of declining revenue. "We just didn't understand the value our customers place on privacy" said BofA Vice President of Marketing Mort Hapless. "As long as they didn't know they could have privacy and security, they didn't express that need. But ever since all these small local banks started offering AuthentiBank's RealPrivacy product, they've been taking our best customers..."